As a huge fan of the show Parks and Recreation, this was a piece I had rattling around in my brain since shortly after the episode that inspired it aired (in 2014). I thought it would be a fun piece of fan art to create a festival poster for the fictional concert that the show did. Mostly because there are some truly great fake band names that the writers came up with that are peppered in the background of episodes leading up to concert. Thought they deserved to be showcased.

My first pass at the poster came in 2015, and I made various more attempts to get the look I wanted. I knew that I wanted to represent both halves of the two towns “coming together” as a main element (via their town colours, blue and yellow), but wasn’t sure what visuals I should use to accompany that. I wanted it to have the feel of being a poster you might see in the world of the show. I’m content with how it eventually turned out, even if it was years in the making.

Illustration • Graphic Design

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