Initiated by the Bishop MacDonell Wild + Crest designs, other schools in our board started to volunteer to update their official marks. The next in line was St. Leo Catholic School.

The logo that they were using prior to this redesign was one put together by a parent before any of the current administration had been at the school, so no one was married to it. There was also no consistent athletics logo, but rather a number of different ones being used that were taken randomly off the internet.

I used this as an opportunity to not only provide a more contemporary look, but also to start tying all of these school logo designs together, into a greater overall brand for the entirety of the TCDSB. Prior to this, schools were themselves in charge of their own designs. This is the beginning of our schools becoming a much more cohesive unit, from a design perspective. There will be more to come from this endeavour in the future.

Logo Design

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