A brand new school opened up in our board at the beginning of 2020 and I had the opportunity to design not only their new school athletics logo, but also their team name and school crest.

The process for these designs started with the students. We reached out to them, as well as staff and parents, for feedback about what they wanted to see represented in their new school logos. One of the teachers even got his class to provide their own interpretations of the new designs and name suggestions which were a helpful jumping off point.

Given that the school was new, they also required a unique name for their school athletics. Looking over the designs and suggestions from the students, it was evident that the kids wanted something revolving around nature and/or animals. In the end, I suggested the name Wild as a way to encompass all of their ideas, and it stuck. “Mac the Raccoon” seemed to be the natural evolution of the name (especially for a school located right off the downtown core of Toronto).

Logo Design


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